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KSHSRC is a Centre of Excellence for strengthening of National Health Mission (NHM). KSHSRC was started in 2009 to technically assist the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka to build the capacities of the Officers of the Department. KSHSRC proactively identifies the issues, gaps, deficiencies in the health system and works towards solving them. It has expanded its activities by entering into collaboration with like-minded agencies who work in health – research, strengthening public health, hospital research and health policy.

KSHSRC was registered on 2nd March 2009, as an autonomous registered society. The aim of KSHSRC is to channelize technical assistance and provide capacity-building support to Karnataka State Government to strengthen the Public Health System in Karnataka. KSHSRC also acts as facilitating agency for Civil Society action.

KSHSRC shall act as an autonomous and independent body for advising the Government of Karnataka on technical aspects for improving the Health & Family Welfare Services and also as a facilitating agency for civil society action which includes:

  1. Designing the reforms agenda in health sector or related sectors in the state of Karnataka
  2. Developing operational guidelines for implementation of reform programmes and arranging / providing ongoing technical support to the state and district health administration and other programme managers in implementing health reform programme in the state of Karnataka.
  3. Producing quick situational analysis on various aspects of health sector.
  4. Promoting pro-poor reforms which promote transparency, accountability and probity in governance.
  5. Prepare policy change proposals for the consideration of the Government, State and centre based on the situational analysis undertaken and /or specific studies undertaken by it or through individual experts / institutions.
  6. Perform such other tasks as may be assigned to it from time to time provided it is considered feasible and desirable to do so.

The key functions of KSHSRC are:

  • To provide Technical Support to Directorate of Health and Family Welfare, other State bodies and NHSRC
  • Designing and conducting policy studies
  • Documentation and information repository
  • Networking and Dissemination
  • Support to functional cells (e.g. QA cell, Finance Cell, ASHA resource cell)
  • Capacity-building support and training
  • Field Action and Advocacy
  • Resource generation and Grant-making
  • Institution-building of SHSRC

KSHSRC is working with existing Teams in these functional areas:

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Health Economics and Financing
  • Community Processes
  • Health Management and Information System
  • Quality Improvement and Service Delivery
  • Health Human Resource Development
  • Research cum Documentation

The proposal is also there to strengthen and build teams in the areas of

  • Public Health Planning
  • ASHA Resource Centre

This website is a window to provide information to the people and the health professionals within the department about the programmes available in the Karnataka State health department. We will also be bringing stories around the state of the good work done by our health workers and professionals across the state.

We will endeavor to bring awareness and sensitize the people about the health facilities and infrastructure available. Simultaneously, we will also be identifying the good practices of our health department and disseminate such information.

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