/ Selected Candidates – Jan 15, 2018

List of selected candidates for different positions in the Interview held on 10-01-2018 at 10 am, at KSHSRC office Bengaluru

Sl.No. Name Name of the position
1 Dr. Malavika J Consultant Public Health Planning (PHP)
2 Ms. Swetha MP Consultant – Quality Monitoring and Service Delivery (QA)
3 Ms.Rekha V Consultant Human Resource (HR)
4 Ms.Rashmi Sreenivasamurthy Consultant Health Economics and Finance
5 Ms.Poornima B. S Consultant Community Process (CP)
6 Ms. Usha M.V Research cum Documentation Officer

Note: Selected candidates are required to join the KSHSRC on or before Monday, 22nd January 2018, failing which the offer given stands withdrawn.