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Prevalence of Risk Factors and Diabetes Mellitus

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Prevalence of Risk Factors and Diabetes Mellitus
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The impact of stress on health (both physical and mental) along with life style changes has a strong effect on increasing incidence of type II Diabetes. Teachers are one group who are also at risk of developing diabetes due to their life style and nature of profession in the Education Department. They are of a very large group who are prone to stress and strain. Hence, there was a need to assess the prevalence of Diabetes among school teachers. This study also looked at the association between Exercise and Diabetes and the prevalence and types of exercise that Teachers do and identify the barriers to carry out exercise.

As a methodology a descriptive study was done among the teachers in BBMP schools by collecting primary data by visiting school to school through a validated questionnaire regarding individual age, sex, occupation, height, weight, dietary pattern, BMI, income and voluntary screening for diabetes using a glucometer.

Risk facrors in diabetes


Major findings from the study:

  • There is an increase risk of developing diabetes mellitus among the study group.
  • High prevalence of risk factors (BMI, stress etc.)
  • Travelling (Bangalore traffic) to work can be one of the triggers
  • Increase in risk with more than 10 years experience and age of the individual
  • Males are more prone for developing diabetes than females.

Risk factor Assessment:

  • Obesity is one of the important risk factors for diabetes
  • 45% of the study subjects were obese
  • 33% of them with high blood glucose level, had BMI more than 25
  • 56% of those had family history of diabetics

 Stress Factors

  • 78% had stress due to travel
  • 51% were not happy with salary
  • 64% of the subjects with work experience of 10 years had high risk of diabetics
  • Socio economic factors such as owning a house did not affect the presence or absence of diabetes.

Suggestions by KSHSRC:

  • Screening for all asymptomatic population should be conducted as soon as possible to detect early diabetes and prevent complications.
  • Create awareness and educate people to engage in healthy life style such as balanced diet, regular physical exercises.
  • Introduction of yoga to teachers and students may help improve the stress levels of teachers.
  • Recommend the education dept to get attached to health dept of BBMP for awareness and regular screening program for all NCD.
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Prevalence of Risk Factors and Diabetes Mellitus
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