/ HMIS / KSHSRC team visits NIMHANS to understand e-Hospital system

KSHSRC team visits NIMHANS to understand e-Hospital system

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KSHSRC team visits NIMHANS to understand e-Hospital system
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NIMHANS has adapted e- Hospital system from past 2 ½ years.

e-Hospital system

A workflow based Application Software for Hospitals which deals with complete cycle of patients from screening, registration, OPD, IPD, discharge, follow up with integration to various functions in the areas of-clinical, administrative, and finance.


E-hospital a Hospital Management information System is patient centric & generic application software, specifically meant for the hospitals in Government Sectors with its main objectives being to provide a mechanism to access the patient records and to have an efficient system to manage the Patient Information paperless. It helps small to large size hospitals to streamline patient care, hospital administration, ancillary services and clinical support activities.

e-Hospital in NIMHANSIt has an ability to develop and use standard operating procedures, Facility management reports, Ward management, Investigations, Laboratory services, Blood Bank, Operation Theatres, ICUs, Financial Management, Medical Records Management, Nursing Management.

OPD Patients

  • 1st procedure is screening, where the registration happens.
  • They have an individual department login ID.
  • There are different roles (which can be seen towards the left side of the screen).
  • It is user specific.

Patient screening registration

  • A simple form with basic details like name, age, gender, address, billing type etc.
  • Based on the details of the OPD, the applications get filtered in the data base, patient can either enter the OPD or get redirected to other hospitals for care.
  • Once the patient enters the OPD (only if he/she gets selected) they would get a number, which is unique for each patient (UHID – Unique hospital identification number).
  • Rs. 10 is charged for registration.


  • Will have a case record (investigation order which consist of patient details).
  • There is a list of services with cost which would be discussed with the patient.
  • Patients having BPL card can produce the card at the cash/billing counter and avail the free service available.
  • For BPL’s a request will be raised, it will go to concerned department, once this is approved the patient can avail the service.

Example: – Radiology test request will go the radiology department (RIS)

RIS – Radiology information system.

  • Patients need to visit the concerned department for consultation (This is if there is a chance for change in the treatment / test).
  • Based on the above, test is conducted and lab reports are been uploaded directly into the system (Observations entry and verification) only after the above report is generated.
  • Bar code is mandatory to avoid duplication.
  • For IPD patients after discharge the next follow up date will be given and this will be specified in the database also.
  • There is 3 layer verification of the patient record
  1. Residents
  2. Consultant
  3. Senior specialist

 Other Information

  • Even though all the records are online even hard copy records are maintained (MLC signature and stamp will be there on the hard copy records).
  • There is online registration which is limited to 50 patients per day (new OPD register)
  • It requires OTP one time password.
  • On an average it takes 3-4 months to streamline e – hospital (for user and each department).
  • Old data– Oracle Software.
  • New data – XTC Software.
  • HIV & ELISA tests are not incorporated into the system as they are special tests (confidential).

Website – http://nimhans.kar.nic.in


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KSHSRC team visits NIMHANS to understand e-Hospital system
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