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Validation and Analysis of HMIS data in Mandya District

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Validation and Analysis of HMIS data in Mandya District
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A presentation of division wise HMIS Analysis was presented by the KSHSRC team in the State level Zonal review meetings held during March 2013 at Vikasa Soudha, Chaired by Principal Secretary Department of H&FW, MD NRHM & Commissioner, H&FW. The necessity for strengthening the reporting / validation & HMIS of data analysis was felt by the state officers. It was recommended in the KSHSRC Governing Body meeting held on March 25, 2013 to take up strengthening of HMIS of one district and streamline the same. Therefore, Mandya was selected based on reporting pattern completeness & timeliness. Discussions were held with Dr.Sundaraman, Executive Director and Dr. Jithendra Sharma, Senior Consultant, Health Economics & Financing from NHSRC. Following this, Dr. Sandhya Ahuja, HMIS Senior Consultant, NHSRC gave continuous support to the team in this regard.

A team comprising of Dr. Sadhana, Executive Director, KSHSRC, Dr. Sandhya Ahuja, Senior HMIS consultant NHSRC, State Demographer and Usha from State Demography Section along with the Consultants from KSHSRC visited Mandya district. Orientation program about the HMIS data validation and its relevance to DHAP was conducted for DHO, DPMO, THOs, PHC-MOs and other HMIS reporting staff of Mandya district.

Facility wise HMIS data elements were collected and consolidated from the district to rectify the gaps. It was observed that the reporting staffs were unaware of the importance of updating the data in HMIS portal and did not have proper knowledge of data generation in Web portal (Facility wise, PHC wise, Block wise).  Data used in programs were different from data available in Web portal. Block program Managers did not proper knowledge of various data elements and haven’t received HMIS training. Medical Officers were not verifying the data before updating in web portal. ANC registration data of private facility providers was not captured in HMIS. It was also observed that there was an error in calculation of MMR of the district as per the records since 2001 till date (instead of taking 100000 live births as denominator they have considered 1000 live births in their calculation.

Intervention by KSHSRC:

  • Regular follow up done about timely reporting and completeness by identifying non reporting facilities and immediately provided feedback.
  •  Trained RCHO, DPMO and ASO in facility wise generation of reports with graphical presentation using a standardized evaluation format (GOI+NHSRC).
  •  Hands on training provided to the key personnel responsible for reporting in HMIS validation and various tools to rectify the errors.
  •  Medical officers, THOs & BPMs  trained on importance of various data elements and ELA calculations by using their own data available in portal so that as to enable DHAP
  •  Regular follow up done and monitoring the district by comparing the data updated in web portal against ELA.
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Validation and Analysis of HMIS data in Mandya District
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